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Q: Why should I go to Summer Program? How could it help me?

A: TI is like a home away from home. You'll meet amazing people who will become life long friends. I know that personally, everyone that I met while at TI became a second family for me. Everyone is so welcoming, from the staff to the participants and everyone inbetween. Everyone comes with their own story, some similar in ways, but each unique. If your story isn't exactly the best fairytale told, it's okay. Most stories are far from perfect, but there's some beauty in that, and when you combine some not so perfect stories, you get the most amazing tale ever. Each story intertwines and makes them better. So, what I'm saying here, is that if you decide to attend TI, even if your story isn't the best, it will get better. You are taught some life skills, such as a very important one that not many people know how to do, which is to love yourself. That's definitely not the only way TI can help, though. It gives you a safe place to be for a week, and for some people, that can mean the world. A safe place to rest your head and some amazing people that are willing to be there for you seems like a pretty good deal, eh?

Q: What if I don't know anyone?

A: It can be a bit scary going places where you don't know anyone, especially in new surroundings. Sometimes, we just have to take the chance and go out and meet new people. You may come not knowing anyone, but you'll leave, knowing just about everyone on a personal and loving level. We all come as strangers but leave as a family. It's not hard to make friends here, especially since there are so many amazing people. Even if you're shy and more of a loner you'll find some amazing friends. You just have to remember, strangers are just friends you haven't met yet! And trust me, you will meet those friends here.

Q:  I already know how to deal with drug and alcohol use around me, so I don't really see what else I could learn at a camp.

A: TI is much more than just drug and alcohol prevention. At TI you learn to open up, to grow, and most importantly, to love yourself. You'll learn so many amazing things here that you might not have learned elsewhere. So, perhaps you know how to deal with drug and alcohol use, but that can't be the only troubling thing is this world, right? At TI, you can learn how to cope with different things. This is a very life-changing experience and you definitely should not miss out on it. You may relearn some things you already know, but it's so worth it to learn new things that will help you to better yourself.

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