Board of Directors


Andrea Lindsey, Beyond

Vice President

Jay Hayston, Seven Hills Foundation


Lindsey Gagne, Genesis Rehabilitation Services


Larry Szetela, Laurence Szetela, CPA


Jocelyn Seager, Wicked Clean Candles

George Swenson, Amica

Andrew Gagne, Sierra

Sara Saleem, Midland Independent School District

Proposed By-Laws Amendment

At their July 28, 2021, meeting, the Board proposed an amendment to the by-laws of an attendance requirement for members to attend 50% of board meetings in a given year.  This will be put forth for a vote at the Annual Meeting on September 22, 2021. Please submit any related comments to

Annual Meeting - Sept. 22, 2021 - 6:30pm - Zoom (221 339 7301)