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Since coming to TI I have learned so much. The biggest thing for me though is my self-confidence. If someone told me in the beginning of the week that I would get up and dance in front of the entire camp alone I absolutely would not have believed them. Now I am so happy that I did. You have really helped me. So….thank you. –Evelyn Hanneman.

TI is my home away from home. Thank you for the endless love and support <3

Thanks for helping me with my problem that I thought was never going to end.

I love how I am accepted here without having to change anything about me.

Thank you for being somewhere I can be myself, even though I don't know that is yet. -Kaitlin

Life changing. Unforgetting. Thank you.

Thank you for the amazing week. I love you all. It’s going to be painful to leave my second family. I’ll miss you so much. I’ve never felt so loved by people I hardly knew before.

Teen Institute changed my life in the best way possible and I am thankful I met everyone in this program. This place I will never forget always a place in my heart for this camp. I am sad to leave. May we all meet again someday. <3 Juan

The Teen Institute saved my life <3 2015

I’m thankful to TI for the most uplifting experience I’ve ever had. And for letting me open up and begin to heal.

TI has given me new hope. It has let me restart. TI has given me the opportunity to discover myself. It has also allowed me to grow, like a tree. Before I was not confident and did not accept myself. I always wantd to be someone else but now I feel free to be ME! Thank you, Derek

I learned that I am important. I am worth it. I am beautiful. Thank you.

I never wanted to come here. But when I did, I realized how amazing this is. I can say my life will be changed positively from the experience.

My experience at this camp has let me live my life openly and with light. I have never been so confident in myself, and I am so proud to say that this is me and I love it. In two words? LIFE CHANGING.

TI is friendship acceptance empowerment family LOVE

I’m so glad I made new friends, I barely had any so it was a great feeling to feel loved and wanted for once. –Melissa Content

This has been such an eye-opening experience for me. I’ll be less quick to judge others in the future, because you never know someone’s story.

TI is for everyone. My experience was….eye opening, moving, inspirational, accepting, loving, caring.

Thank you for parting the clouds to let my sun shine through.

Funnest week ever.

Thank you so much for everything this week. I greatly appreciate it. I had such an amazing and wonderful time being a part of Teen Institute. I met so many great and wonderful, beautiful people this week. I’ve met so many great friends that I hope to stay in contact with in the future once this amazing life-changing experience is over. My experiences here are just wonderful and I hope to share them with my community when I go back. Thank you again. –Kelsey Dunn

I want to thank all of the people who believed in me wherever I went –Shanda Christopher

Thank you so much for the opportunity that you have given me. Meeting all these great people and getting a chance to learn so much about myself. I love you all and I just want to say thank you. You’ve changed my life. XOXO. –Jesika Ortiz

Wow! I am ok. I <3 me.

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