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Skill Building Workshops

These popular 45-60 minute skill-building and content-specific workshops are perfect for middle or high school groups looking to educate students on a relevant topic in a short amount of time. These workshops can be customized based on skill level and age group. Many are also available online via Zoom! Our workshops are great options for Project Safeguard Days, Conferences, After-School Groups, Community Groups, and In-School Leadership Groups, to name a few!

The cost for our individual workshops start at $500 for a max of 30 students in-person (or 60 students on-line) for planning, materials, & travel.

Peer Leadership Trainings

This interactive full- or half-day training is designed for school groups or clubs working toward common goals. The training is  customizable and helps groups connect, understand their role as part of a team, and practice real-life skills in communication and leadership, with a focus on prevention and increasing positive school climate.

The cost for Peer Leadership Trainings start at $800 for a 1/2 day & $1400 for a full-day accommodating a max of 30 students for planning, materials, & travel.

Thriving In Middle School

Plan an active day of experiential workshops for up to 100 middle-school students. Our staff will facilitate multiple workshops of your choice from our menu of available, developmentally-appropriate curricula.

The cost for Thriving In Middle School is dependent on the number of students and starts @ $1400 for planning, materials, & travel.

The Change Project

The Change Project is a day of experiential learning for up to 250 high school students, with curriculum adapted from our Summer Leadership Program best practices. Goals include enhancing community connectedness, breaking down social barriers, developing healthy relationships, exploring issues of diversity, and promoting healthy, substance-free risk-taking.

The cost of the Change Project includes pre-program focus groups, follow-up after the program, and opportunities for advanced trainings for student leaders and starts at $7500 for planning, materials, and travel.

For more information or to book one of our Youth Programs, contact Maura, our Program Director.

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