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Highlights from FY '21 at the NH Teen Institute!

A Summer Program

Our week of online programming for volunteers and alumni of the Summer Leadership Program brought together members of the TI family from 3 different decades to participate in online versions of existing SLP workshops and activities, as well as hours of new programming developed directly for online formats. At the end of each in-person SLP, when we say that the SLP exists outside of the physical space we’ve just been in for the week, it turns out that we really meant it!

Leaders In Prevention

Staff & volunteers came together in March to run 3 one-day sessions of the core components of LIP.  Students from across the Greater Nashua area, Gorham, and Berlin took part in a 12-hr workshop day. While the realities of schools attempting to return to in-person sessions in April got in the way of participants completing their action plans, they were able to have an educational day of leadership development and get familiar with the action planning process alongside a group of passionate youth & adult volunteers!

Parent Education

We continued the Zoom sessions that started early in the pandemic, conducting 8 sessions of the 10-hr Staying Connected with Your Teen series, as well as custom workshops conducted in conjunction with community partners like CADY (Plymouth-area coalition). Sam worked hard to build connections within virtual formats, laying the groundwork for a return to in-person parent education in FY22!

Extended Reach

The silver lining to primarily virtual programming was conducting workshops and presenting at conferences outside of our typical geographic scope.  From a youth workshop in the Chicago area to professional development workshops at national conferences, we widened our service area at every programming area of the organization.

Staff Professional Development

  • Restorative Practices – All programming staff plus a number of key volunteers were trained in restorative practices, allowing us to weave them throughout the SLP curriculum in 2021.

  • Teen Mental Health First Aid – Maura & Sam are now certified trainers.

  • Maura & Sam participated in the pilot year of the NE PTTC Mentoring Program for prevention professionals.

Staff Achievements

  • Maura was chosen for the advisory committee of the rebooted Prevention Community of Practice events that take place bimonthly for NH prevention professionals.

  • Sam completed the NE ATTC Leadership Development Program for behavioral health professionals.

  • Madison & Marissa were selected to appear in the NE PTTC Prevention Domains video project, a workforce development resource for new prevention professionals.

  • Marissa was chosen as the new lead advisor for the Prevention Specialist credential for IC&RC (International Credentialling & Reciprocity Consortium).

Prep for SLP 2021

The final quarter of the year was primarily spent prepping for the July 2021 return to an in-person Summer Leadership Program, including the new elements of the program such as COVID safety, integrating Restoratives Practices, working on the SLP manual for our Service to Science process, and getting ready for the unknowns of running the such an emotionally demanding program in the wake of a global trauma. Thanks to our amazing staff and volunteers, we were able to successfully prepare for an incredible week of learning and growth together in July!

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Thank you to our participants, volunteers, funders, staff, and board for the hard work and support in FY21!

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