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Multi-Week Series & Individual, 1-2 Hour Workshops
for parents, guardians, and caregivers of teens & preteens

Multi-Week Series
Staying Connected with Your Teen

This 12 hour series is a proven-effective, science-based, interactive workshop that gets parents and teens working together to enhance communication and family management practices and decrease conflict. Through a series of video- and workshop-based modules, parents improve their family management practices and strengthen the bonds between them and their children, resulting in substance misuse prevention, violence prevention, and positive character development.

For up to 20 participants, this program can be offered for 6-2 hour sessions in-person or online and for 2-6 hour sessions in-person. Staying Connected is funded through BDAS for communities in NH. For outside of NH, the cost of the series starts at $2400 and includes planning, materials, and travel.


for up to 30 participants, starting at $500 including planning, materials, and travel

Understanding Adolescence

Preteens and teens go through many amazing physical, social, and intellectual changes. These changes can be hard for parents, caregivers, and other adults to understand and parent through. We will look at what these changes look like on the inside and outside of our teens.

Talking about Risky Behavior with our Teens

Research shows that communicating clear standards for healthy behavior to our children is an important part of guiding our children away from high-risk behavior and helping them make healthy choices. In this workshop, we will learn how to develop clear standards for healthy behavior with our teens.

Communicating with Preteens & Teens

Positive communication is the cornerstone of staying connected through the ups and downs of adolescence. We will learn tools and skills for increasing positive communication; listening- really listening; expressing ourselves without blame or shame to create understanding and develop empathy, and controlling emotion when things get tough.

Prevention at Home

This workshop will look at what helps young people navigate a tricky time of development most successfully and how parents can play a positive role.

Empowering Teens & Giving a Voice

As kids start to transition into adolescence, we often see an increase in conflict. By including our teens in the problem solving and decision-making tasks that we have previously done on our own, we include our teen's voice in the important issues that affect them daily. We will look at ways we can include our teens more in our homes.

When Mistakes are Made

How we handle our kids making mistakes has implications. We will look at positive and effective discipline that requires the child to take responsibility, helps them learn from their mistake, and maintains the bond they have with you.

For more information or to book a program contact Jocelyn, our Parent Engagement Coordinator.

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