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Peer Leadership Trainings


These programs are designed for school groups or clubs working toward common goals together. The training is highly customizable and helps groups to connect, understand their role as part of a team, and practice real-life skills in communication and leadership, with a focus on prevention and increasing positive school climate. This workshop day/half day is very interactive, and students should expect a day of active participation and hands-on learning. All groups are taught the Action Planning curriculum, a useful evidence-based tool for any group working to accomplish a common goal. The full day workshop can be split over two afternoons. This workshop is ideal for both existing groups and as a foundation for students just beginning a group.


Examples of groups that Teen Institute has trained:

Peer Outreach groups, SADD groups, Student Government, even Environmental Clubs! Any group can benefit from this jam-packed, student-empowering experience.


Price:    $1100 for full-day (up to 6 hours) for up to 30 students

$600 for ½ day (up to 3 hours) for up to 30 students


"We found the trainers to be both very approachable & very knowledgeable. They connected very well with the students - they brought a 2-day training to our peer leaders that was really relevant. I think that it was meaningful to them, and practically oriented as well."


Beverly Boyer, High Mowing School

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