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Meaningful Youth Engagement

Explore the whys & how-tos of engaging youth in your organization in meaninful ways that benefit their development and furthers your mission

Working with LGBTQ+ Youth

During this workshop, participants will gain a grounding in the research surrounding the coming out experience.  They will also hear from LGBTQ-identified youth and young adults about positive and negative experiences they have had with prevention organizations, educational institutions, and healthcare providers, and have the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists.

How to Become a CPS

Becoming a Certified Prevention Specialist strengthens your crendentials and is a clear indication that you and your organization understand the importance of staying educated and current with the latest strategies and techniques of providing quality prevention to your organizations and the populations you serve. Find out more about why prevention certification matters to a variety of settings and professions, and how the credentialing process works in NH & VT

CPS Prevention Domains

There are 6 Prevention Domains a perspective CPS needs to explore and show an understanding of. This series will take you through each domain to help ready you for the CPS exam.

Cultivating Resilience

Learn ways to cultivate, grow, and strengthen our resilience. Understand the role that resilience plays in a crisis and identify multiple simple strategies for building your resilience capacity.

Teen Culture Training

is an opportunity for adults to learn more about the music, TV, movies, websites, and apps that teenagers around NH (and the country) are currently excited about. Explore many ways that popular youth culture has changed and the many ways in which teenagers today are similar to those who came before them.

Setting the Tone for Inclusivity

What does a truly inclusive space look and feel like? Learn the small changes you can make that have a big impact on the inclusivity of your organization.

LGBTQ+ Youth Suicide Prevention

Our LGBTQ+ Youth are at greater risk for suicide than their heterosexual and cis-gender peers - not because of their make up but because of the world we are living in. Learn what we do as youth workers and advocates to ensure that they have safe and inclusive spaces to learn and grow.

Impact of Risk and Protective Factors in Substance Misuse Prevention

How do we know that the messages, interactions, programs, and interventions we put in place will help youth to make healthy choices around substances? By understanding the researched-based Risk and Protective Factors that have been show to increase or decrease a person’s risk of developing a substance misuse disorder.

Shared Risk & Protective Factors

This workshop will examine substance use disorder risk and protective factors in various domains and across other public health sectors to address how using shared risk and protective factors can improve the health and well-being of communities in a cohesive way.

Fostering & Maintaining our Emotional Health

Explore how to recognize our physical, emotional, & behavioral signs & cues to better navigate our emotional landscape.

We can accommodate your staff's professional development requirements, ranging from an hour workshop to a full day conference.

In-Person and On-Line Available. Workshops rates start at $500 for 1-hour including planning, materials, and travel.

For more information or to book one of our Professional Development Workshops, contact Maura, our Program Director.

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