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NH Teen Institute Social Justice Book Club 

Summer Reading List

This summer, our Social Justice Series will spotlight two YA Novels for you to enjoy!

Click on the book covers to learn more.

2021-06 Cemetery Boys.jpg

June Selection

Join us 6/28 @ 8pm to discuss Cemetery Boys

A joyful tearjerker that manages to blend love, Latinx culture, and the paranormal all into one.

2021-08 I'll Be the One.jpg

August Selection

Join us on 8/23 @ 8pm to discuss I'll be the One

A story that centers around Skye Shin, an overweight, bisexual, Korean teen who dreams of being a K-Pop dancer and won’t let anyone dash her dreams.

For book resources

check out your local library or visit


an online book consortium 

Book choice and discussion group date will be based on feedback from the community.

This series is a voluntary learning experience open to our Volunteers and Summer Leadership Alumni. The groups will be facilitated with group norms and a moderator. The books and documentaries we will explore may contain themes and content that could be sensitive or uncomfortable to some. Please know that there is no obligation to participate and at any point in the process, you can leave the book, documentary, or discussion group without judgment or consequence.

Share Your Ideas!

Fill out this form to suggest a topic(s), books, and documentaries for sessions!

Throughout the year we will host book clubs, documentary watch parties, or explore podcasts along with facilitated discussions surrounding a social justice topic(s) for our volunteers & SLP alumni to engage, learn, and grow together.

As a youth-serving organization, we are always striving to understand and address the myriad of issues that impact youth and the communities in which they live.

We are committed to holding ourselves accountable to learn and do more.

To see all the selections we've read and offered throughout the series click here

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