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Thriving in Middle School (TMS)


Thriving in Middle School is an active day of experiential workshops for up to 100 middle-school students. Our staff will facilitate multiple workshops of your choice from our menu of available, developmentally-appropriate curricula. Workshops topics may include:


  • Substance Misuse Prevention

  • Bullying Prevention & Positive School Climate

  • Peer Mentoring

  • Public Speaking

  • Creating Healthy Peer Friendships

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Diversity & Acceptance


Thriving in Middle School provides a fun and engaging educational experience that is customizable to the specific needs and issues of your students, school, and/or community. Give your students a boost of energy and knowledge to help them navigate the challenges of middle school!


Price:   for up to 60 students $1100

for up to 100 students $1300

"NH Teen Institute's programs have been well-received & we welcome their programs for our youth year after year. NH Teen Institute targets the factors that lead to underage drinking and drug use and seek to: improve communication, build positive relationships, enhance self-awareness, increase personal and social responsibility, help teens serve as role models for their peers, and prevent violence, alcohol, and other drug use and high-risk behavior."


Deb Naro, CADY, Plymouth

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