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Professional Development 

Although most of our work is with middle and high school students, we also offer trainings geared toward adults who work with youth. Our Teen Culture training is an opportunity for adults to learn more about the music, TV, movies, websites, and apps that teenagers around NH (and the country) are currently excited about. This is an opportunity to explore many ways that popular youth culture has changed and the many ways in which teenagers today are similar to those who came before them. Other adult training topics include team-building, working with diverse populations, empowering youth-led initiatives in schools, communities, and more! Other trainings include Cultural Consciousness, The Impact of Risk and Protective Factors, and Cultivating Inclusive Spaces: Organizational Planning with the LGBTQ Community In Mind. Please contact us about these or our many other prevention, education, or team-building workshops.

Staying Connected With Your Teen®  
For adults working with youth aged 12 -17, Staying Connected with Your Teen® is a 10-hour proven-effective, science-based, interactive workshop that gets parents and teens working together to enhance communication and family management practices and decrease conflict. Through a series of videos and workshop-based modules, parents improve their family management practices and strengthen the bonds between themselves and their children. Stronger bonds lay the groundwork for prevention--of violence and substance misuse--as well as the development of positive character. To learn more about upcoming sessions, please click here!

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