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To manage in this ever-changing world...

TI has adapted our workshops to an online format!

Even workshop favorites like The Dope Show and Lean On Me can be offered online!


Check out our Youth Workshop Menu and Workshops for Adults for a menu of offerings.

We have also created new content to help youth and adults better navigate the world with workshops like:

  • Introversion/Extroversion

  • Keeping Relationships Healthy

  • Resiliency

  • How to Foster and Maintain Emotional Health


Online workshops can accommodate up to 60 participants.

Our online workshops are $300 per session and run

for 60-90 minutes depending on the number in attendance.

In-person sessions are still available. Session size will be determined

by accommodations for social distancing and mask adherence.

Staying Connected With Your Teen is still no cost and the five, 2-hour sessions are available to offer online!

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