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Youth Workshop Menu
45-60 minute in-person and 60-90 minute online

Performance with a Purpose
Have fun while learning tricks and techniques of using theatre to spread your prevention message.

Lean On Me
Learn how to navigate the complex world of school friendships. Look at what it means to have a friend and be a friend and better understand peer pressure, both negative & positive.
The Dope Show
A fun and interactive way to learn some facts about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.  (Alternate version available with reproductive health facts, including the risks of combining sexual activity and substance use.)

Understanding Bullying
Address the issues of bullying and cyber-bullying, and what it means for a young person to be proactive against them.

Problem-Solving Challenge
Take part in a series of team-building initiatives designed to get you working together with a new or existing team and thinking creatively to solve puzzles.
*in-person only

I Can't Be Drunk, I Only Had 3 Beers
Dispel common alcohol myths and learn how even small quantities of alcohol can affect your performance and decision-making skills.
*in-person only

Leadership Personality Styles
Learn how to recognize your own and other personality types and how to work with and benefit from this variety of strengths in your group.

Diversity & Acceptance
Explore how diverse identities bring value to our schools and communities.

Public Speaking Can Feel Good!
Become more comfortable with teaching and speaking in front of groups through learning new techniques & practicing them in a low-stress environment.

5-Points of Leadership
Explore and practice five important attributes of effective peer leadership through interactive activities.
*75-90 minutes & in-person only

Gain an understanding of the basic definitions of introvert and extrovert and reflect on how your intro/extroversion orientation impacts your experiences.

Keeping Relationships Healthy
Relationships of all kinds are more important – and possibly more strained – than ever! Share and learn more about how we can keep these important relationships healthy through stressful times.

Resilience is a capacity we can cultivate, grow, and strengthen. Understand the role that resilience plays in a crisis and identify multiple simple strategies for building your resilience capacity.

How to Foster & Maintain Emotional Health
We will explore how to recognize our signs & cues and navigate our emotional landscape.
Please contact our program director at about these or our many other prevention, education, or team-building workshops.

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